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Expert and creative PR as and when you need it

We know your care business has a story to tell. Our PR team will help you find your good news and success stories, then share them with the world.

We can help you actively manage your reputation in the media and online; producing the positive environment in which to recruit, fundraise, or promote a positive image to your wider stakeholders.

Based at our Newport branch, our Completely Care PR team has more than 25 years’ experience within the media world, and knows what it takes to get any business noticed.

You’ll have access to all the expertise, but without any long-term contract. We’re here only when you want us.

Take a look at the services we offer

Media relations

Getting you the positive media attention you need

When you see competitors all over the local, regional, trade and national press, that is rarely luck or favouritism; it is managed and proactive PR. We will work with you to generate creative ideas and turn them into positive and gripping stories that the media will love.

…and managing any bad news

Equally, a single bad news story can ruin a reputation that has taken years to build; so we can also manage your response to any potential negative media interest. We’ll ensure to either mitigate or head-off any potential disaster, and then help you communicate with the media in the most effective way.

Creative ideas to get you noticed

Looking to make a real splash with your next fundraising drive? Creative ideas are our forte, as we were the brains behind the world’s fastest blind man, the world’s fastest skip, and four Guinness World Records. Just imagine what we can create for you…

Ensuring your website is working hard for you

Your website is likely to be the window through which the world views you… and we keep it clean and shiny. We’ll review the copy so it sings out to the reader, and update it regularly with relevant and readable news. In essence, we will ensure that your website is always saying the right things to the right people in the right way at the right time.

Online engagement

Where a single post can generate massive publicity – good or bad – the need to manage your social media presence is more important than ever. Be they punchy posts or creative competitions, we can help you maximise this brave new world of communications.

General copyrighting

The most successful promotional material is written for the reader. It tells them exactly what they need to read to get you the reaction you want. We will help you create the promotional material that really speaks to, not at, your audience.