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Why register?

It’s simple: many of the newest jobs are snapped up by our registered candidates before they get to our jobs board.

Once registered, you too will have VIP access and first refusal on the newest temporary and permanent roles in the social care, healthcare, childcare and education across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and throughout the South Wales region.

We treat our candidates as we treat all our clients: with an honest and reliable service.

With us, you are not just another number or name on the database; you are an individual, backed by a dedicated team who are genuinely committed to your individual needs and career.

Our pledge to you

Once you are registered with us, we commit to providing you with:

– Best possible pay rates
– Work to fit your personal circumstances
– Flexibility to work when you want
– No hassle, accurate and timely payment
– We’ll administer your tax and national insurance deductions
– Payroll options – PAYE or Ltd
– Referral bonuses – Introduce a friend/worker incentives
– CV preparation
– Advice on interview preparation and technique
– Consistent regular work placements
– A variety of settings and service users
– Full information and briefing for every assignment
– Further training and development with FREE refresher
– Permanent work opportunities
– Out of hours emergency support at any time of day or night
– Highly-experienced and committed staff working on your behalf

How to register

To register select one of the options below: 

Once you have applied, we will arrange a convenient time for to come in for an interview. Once we’ve sorted the paperwork, this will be our opportunity to learn more about you than a CV will ever tell us. That way we can ensure that we find the perfect job that suits you.

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

We are required by law to confirm that there is nothing in your background that makes you unsuitable to work in the care sector. We do this through the national Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). You may know it under its old name: a CRB disclosure.

The DBS reviews all the relevant protection lists, and also confirms to clients that you have no criminal convictions that would make you unsuitable to work in the care sector.

There are certain documents we will need you to bring to complete the registration and DBS process, and we will talk you through these prior to interview.

You can find further information about the DBS from our sister company


As part of the Completely Care registration process, we ensure that you have the most up-to-date training to help you secure your preferred job.

You may be return to work after a lengthy time away, or are looking to move into a different role or workplace environment; whatever the case we will ensure that you have those skills employers are looking for.

Training opportunities include:

– Principles of care
– Safeguarding adults & children
– Role of the carer
– Needs of the service user
– Health & safety in the workplace
– Food hygiene
– Moving & handling awareness
– Basic first aid for the workplace
– Adult abuse
– Challenging behaviour
– Epilepsy awareness
– Medication

We also work closely with all our clients to ensure that you satisfactorily meet their own training requirements.

The courses are specific to individual clients, but have included:

– Introduction to autism
– Physical intervention
– Boundaries

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