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Our young hot shots shine on the national stage


Today, we’re all here in work feeling very proud of three wonderful young basketball players.

As kit sponsors of Oxfordshire U11s, we were thrilled to bits when three of the team were chosen to represent the entire south of England in the country’s biggest mini basketball competition.

They headed up to Sheffield to take on the best players in the country at the nine-region national competition, but we need not have worried: Liv, Ahriya and LK did themselves, their city and their county proud.

Whilst LK and his team battled to a top six spot in the boys tournament, Liv and Ahriya went all out to take overall runners-up spot in the girls competition.

Head coach Freya Herival said:
"Having only trained for four weeks leading up the tournament, I knew it would be tough for both our teams. However these youngsters clearly had other ideas!

"The determination they played with was fantastic!”
Assistant coach Harriet Goddard says that the three were wonderful ambassadors for Oxfordshire basketball. Talking about the girls’ success, she said:

"In previous years, the tournament seemed to get the better of us. However this year, these amazing girls came out, said enough is enough, and finished in the top two in the country.

"Olivia, Ahriya and the team finished the day with their heads held high, having only a single defeat against the big London team who ended as the tournament winners.”

What more can we say?

Over the course of the season, we’ve seen the power of basketball in these young people’s lives. We’re so proud of our rising young stars.

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