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Welsh client to win a unique St David’s Day prize


To give thanks to clients across South Wales, the Newport branch is giving away a unique St David’s Day gift.

"March 1st is a big day of celebration in Wales, so we wanted to give something special back as a thank you,” says Adrienne, manager of all Completely Care clients in South Wales and the West of England.

"As our ‘Tom Jones’ Christmas video went down so well, we decided to book a St David’s Day gig, and give him out as a prize to one lucky client.”

Alas, Sir Tom himself wasn’t available personally, so the winner will receive the next best thing: a Tom Jones experience from one of the best tribute acts in the world today, Robb Dee.

"We’ll be giving everyone a call about it, but all we need is for you to email us with a great reason why you should win this amazing St David’s Day afternoon,” she says.

"You might have a resident who is celebrating a special day, or maybe you have some good news of your own that you’d like to share? Or maybe you just want to give a big lift to your team… whatever. Just let us know.”

The winner will also have the full use of the Completely Care PR team as part of the prize, so we can share news of your fantastic St David’s Day with the local media.

Do you think you should win? Just mail us at: by Friday 2nd February.

Good luck!


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